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We are Delhi based company.
We provide your required samples through our vast data of manufacturers from Moradabad and other cities to save your time and money.
We have complete data of manufacturers  as follows :-
Product Range
Production Capability
Machine Setup
About Samples : This'll save your precious time as soon as you ask us to arrange samples and share your required pictures we will provide you the information that which manufacturer have your particular sample and it's mold within few hours.
This'll save your time and money. Generally exporter have one, two or more samplers for sampling and they are paid around Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month/Person.
This make there expenses Rs 40,000 (approx) per month for sampling. Some times, a sampler takes 3 to 4 day in searching of particular sample and came back with no result. But here you have surety that if the sample and its mold is available in the city we will arrange it for you.
About Mold : Mold is an important part for both exporter and manufacturer as for any sample you need perfect mold for production of your item.
Mold is again an expensive investment for you. We again save your expanse and time while providing you the detail of manufacturer who is having your required sample mold.
This will save your money from thousands to lac of rupees depends upon the size and parts of the molds.
Similarly it takes takes 5 to 20 day to make Die/Mold, thus it saves time.
Product Range : Here we describe you our working and  searching methods. We have collected a huge data of all the product range available in Moradabad.
When you send picture of sample to us, our server automatically or our searching team search, match and provide the contact information of the manufacturer who have same sample and its mold. Than we will send that contact information to you.
Product Capability : This is an important part of business because how will you ensure that the sample you need and  the manufacturer who is having that sample and its mold is capable to make your order in future on time and serve you best quality?
We have the answer because our data inform us the working capability of all the manufacturers. This service provide you on time delivery and secure your order from cancellation due to delay or poor quality.
Machines Setup : This is very common and obvious for you to know that which machine setup does the manufacturer have so that you again save your time and get batter quality while production of your order.


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